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Gay/Lesbian Couple Print

We take your own fingerprints, combine them with your loved one's and create a brand new Unique heart shaped image from the combination of the two fingerprints. This version, is the Gay/Lesbian version, which defaults to the rainbow, but you may select the white or red color variations for this as well. You will be able to indicate the color choice when you send in the kit.

Kit includes: Finger print  ink pad; Print cards; Forms for all important information; Instructions and a postage paid envelope to send it all in.

The prints are 24″ x 24″ or 12" x 12" and printed on 18 mil heavyweight acid free matte canvas, your Love Print will have an artistic texture, finish, and feel that is unmatched by any other printing process. Painstakingly hand-stretched onto frames made of 100% wood, 1.5″ thick. Canvas prints are made with precision, craftsmanship, and care. The final result is a beautiful piece of art, ready to hang.

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Price: from $120.00


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