How do I get you my fingerprints?
Once you’ve placed your order, you will be sent a kit with detailed instructions, ink pad &  print cards. The kit includes everything you need to take your prints and a shipping paid envelope to send the prints back. Just follow the instructions, put it in the postage paid envelope and drop it in the mail. See our YouTube channel for video instructions. Remember: lighter is better than pressing harder because pressing harder blends the grooves of your fingerprint together and  makes it impossible to get a  good groove impression.

How long does it take to get my artwork?
Each Love Print piece I create is unique and custom made, just for you, — Currently, it can take between 2–3 weeks to complete your artwork once I received your fingerprints. This is subject to change without notice. I will let you know when the artwork is shipped so you know when to expect it.

Do you ship internationally?
I’m not sure about this one yet. I may. If I do, you will be responsible for any issues with customs.

What is it printed on?
Museum Quality Canvas stretched over 1.5″ wooden frame. It’s wrapped in a way that’s called a “Gallery Wrap” which give nice clean edges on the corners.

Is done by USPS Priority Mail, Insured, with Signature required. Takes approx 3-5 days.

Because each piece is unique and custom, the items can not be returned.

What if my item arrives damaged?
Damaged packages are very rare, but accidents do happen. If your package and the print inside arrived damaged please take photographs of the damage (both the box and the print, please)  and email them to us at support@uniqueloveprints.com. We will handle the claims process and begin a replacement piece for you immediately. The post office may need to retrieve the items for inspection so please wait for further instructions from us before disposing of the item or any packing materials.

What is done with my fingerprints?
The security and confidentiality of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us.  We take specific and strict measures to maintain the security of your personal information.

Your fingerprints are only handled by our in house staff and stored on secure drive not connected to the web or any external network. No personal information is ever shared with anyone outside the company.

The original finger print cards are shredded after the best one is chosen for scanning. The final artwork, which is a combination of the two fingerprints and no longer a single print, is saved locally (on secure hard drive not connected to web) for future ordering of more prints or other products. We will be happy to delete any final images upon request. No ORIGINAL Fingerprints are EVER saved at all. Once we combine them, the original scans are immediately deleted.

When printed, the prints are not sent with any personal information other than what is selected to be on the actual print. Our payment process goes through PayPal and has a very secure network for payments and the data is never connected to the actual print. To read about PayPal’s privacy policy, you may click here. The samples used on the website for product images are fake fingerprints and not from any customer files

Please contact 411love@uniqueloveprints.com if you have any questions or concerns about privacy or security.

What finger(s) should I use for the print?
We find that thumb is typically the best choice, but you can use any finger you want. We think with a love print, the ring finger makes a cool idea, but sometimes its really hard to get a good quality print out of a ring finger. Remember, its better to press lightly than harder on the print. Check out our youtube channel for video instructions.

I have more than one pet I’d like to have on it, can I send in more than one pet’s print?
Yes, that’s fine. Get a good print from each of your pets you like on the final and we will digitize them and get them added in.

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