I guess it all started around 2000 when I started researching Palmistry (Chiromancy). I learned it was a lot less “hokus-pokus” than I had always thought it was and a lot more studied and documented information. For example, when a woman has a ring finger that is longer than her index finger, that means she had more testosterone in the womb when developing. Which can lead to other possible character traits, like maybe she was more of a tomboy when she was younger (or still is today). Interesting, right?

Well, as I learned more about the shapes and styles of finger prints I became fascinated with the different meanings and characteristics. Specifically, in my own observations, I found the combined fingerprints of couples I knew told a unique story about them when considered together.

This led me to start the first “couple prints” as wedding gifts to some friends and family about a year or two later. People seemed to really like them so I decided to start this site and see how it went. While putting the site together I came up with more ideas, like the Baby Love Prints and Pet Love Prints.

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